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Newell Brands is partnering with SAP Ariba® to streamline our procurement and accounts payable processes. This will help us move away from paper and manually transmitted documents. Ariba has been transforming the global procurement landscape for businesses of all sizes for decades, and we are excited to streamline our connected Procure-to-Pay process via this technology enabler.

Please see our complete Ariba Supplier Network Guide. Specific broken out sections of this guide can be found in the applicable sections below.

Please also refer to our Ariba Network Supplier Training Course for Enterprise Account and Ariba Network Supplier Training Course for Standard Account.


Ariba is a complete source-to-pay solution, meaning from the first instance of our suppliers participating in a sourcing event (i.e. RFP, RFI, auction) until the time they are paid for the good or service they provide, all these activities will happen within the Ariba platform. Newell Brands will utilize Ariba Sourcing to conduct sourcing events, Ariba Contracting to route and sign contracts, and Ariba Buying & Invoicing to send orders to our suppliers and reconcile subsequent invoices.

The Ariba Network is the world’s largest business commerce network. Ariba combines industry-leading cloud-based applications with the world's largest web-based trading community to help companies discover and collaborate with a global network of partners. Using the Ariba Network, businesses of all sizes can connect to their trading partners anywhere, at any time, from any application or device to buy, sell, and manage their cash more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Companies around the world use the Ariba Network to simplify inter-enterprise commerce and enhance the results that they deliver.

The Ariba Network offers suppliers a broad range of solutions and services to manage business transactions and content through a web browser or electronically through EDI/cXML. Being part of the Ariba Network positions suppliers to attract more business from existing customers, as well as gain new ones.

You can access your Ariba Network Supplier Account and other information about the Ariba Network with these links:

• Ariba Network supplier account

• Ariba Network information

Transacting with Newell Brands through Ariba will transform the way we source, purchase, and pay for all goods and services, in a way that improves and streamlines business processes for us and our valued suppliers. As a supplier to Newell Brands, we are contacting your organization to inform you of these changes and request your help in preparing and ensuring a smooth transition to our new process.

Newell Brands has selected the leading e-commerce company Ariba to provide a technology platform (Ariba Network) that allows suppliers to receive purchase orders and send invoices electronically.

A regular Internet connection, a web browser, and a single order taking email are the only requirements.

Transacting electronically via the Ariba Network is required for all Newell Brands' suppliers that are in scope (please see listing of Newell businesses that will be utilizing Ariba here). We expect our suppliers to transact (i.e. PO receival/acceptance and Invoices submittal) with us via the Ariba Network.

No, this is a phased rollout. We will be rolling out Ariba to our North American locations/businesses first. Your organization will receive a notification if you are in scope to participate with Ariba. If you have questions whether your organization is required to participate, please use the contact us form below.

Newell Brands is utilizing the Ariba Sourcing Module for all RFP events. Suppliers will be invited to participate in sourcing events as they are initiated.


Newell Brands uses Ariba Sourcing for all RFPs. Sourcing events will be by invite only to qualified suppliers selected based on the products being sourced. Newell Brands has an internal calendar that details when events are planned based on product and category strategies. If you are invited to an event, you are not required to have an Ariba account. However, if the business is awarded, we prefer suppliers to sign up for an Ariba account to allow for easy PO and Invoice processing.

Purchase Orders

Newell Brands’ purchase orders are transmitted to suppliers via the Ariba Network. To receive a purchase order, your organization will need an Ariba account. Please refer below for further information on the types of Ariba accounts available and what account type best suits your organization.

Please refer to our Ariba Network Purchase Order Guide for more details on how to view and manage your purchase orders coming from Newell Brands.


Yes. You can leverage Ariba’s Standard Account offering which is free. We recommend that if you are submitting over 50 invoices a year to upgrade to an Enterprise account to make use of their more advanced features which may lower any manual work required to submit invoices.

Only North American, non-inventory purchases (i.e., POs not directly related to the manufacturing of our products) are in scope.

Invoices and Payments

Newell Brands utilizes SAP Ariba Invoice Management. Please refer to the Ariba Network Invoice Guide to ensure a quick, seamless process.


If your PO was received through the Ariba Network you will be required to submit any subsequent invoice to Newell Brands back through the network.

No. Include only one PO per invoice.

Suppliers in the Ariba Network will receive rejected invoices and/or credit memos directly through the Network for correction and resubmission. For Suppliers not in the Ariba Network, the process will work similarly to today, where the Supplier may be contacted by the AP Processing group or a Buyer depending on the reason for the rejection.

Please see this reference document on how to confirm your remittance information.

Please see the sample invoice form.

Reference information documents

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Customer Support

Still have questions about how Newell uses Ariba to source, buy and pay our suppliers? If so, please contact us using the form below.

Invoice & Payment Questions

  • To reach the SAP Ariba Team that handles Newell Brands Supplier Enablement onto the Ariba platform, please contact them here
  • For SAP Ariba Specific Global Customer Support click here to find your appropriate customer support phone number
  • For direct phone support regarding log in or technical issues from Ariba Help Desk, please click instruction for phone support
  • To link your existing Ariba Enterprise Account using Interactive PO email, please click instruction for enterprise account linking process